Jason lane dating coach

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As Isobel, she placed a spell on Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan, causing them be possessed by her two cohorts.After Clark destroyed the spell book, Lana, Chloe, and Lois returned to normal and Lana then learned that it wasn't Clark who informed the school that Jason was dating a student: it was Lex.After being possessed by her ancestor, Lana started to have dreams where she witnesses the execution of Isobel Thoreaux and also of a woman yelling at Isobel angrily.Lana was shocked to learn that the woman of the dream looked immensely like Jason's mom and then began to suspect the real reasons that Jason had begun to date her.Lex got Lana into a helicopter: as they took off, Lana and the pilot dodged the falling meteors.However, one struck the tail of the helicopter and they plummeted to the ground.However, when Lionel Luthor, in Clark's body, walked in on Lana and Jason making out, Lana later confronted him and Lionel (still in Clark's form) kissed her: she slapped him and stormed off.

After Isobel went dormant within her, Lana was given refuge by Lex.When Lionel informed Lana that Jason and Lex were in China together searching for one of the Stones of Power, and that Duchess Gertrude (Jason's ancestor) had been obsessed with finding the stones as well, he made arrangements for Lana to go to China on the Luthor Corp jet.Clark offered to go with her and after arriving, went to a temple where the Crystal of Air was located.Then Lana started to feel that she could be with Clark after all.When she was attacked by Genevieve Teague, who figured out that Lana had one of the Stones of Power.

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