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In addition, Bar Sheshet allegedly convinced the daughter that he would serve as her agent and turn her into a TV star.The two men are suspected of having carried out several filming sessions with her, dressing her in underwear and bathing suits, placing her in provocative positions, and focusing the camera on her buttocks and breasts.This has resulted in a number of petitions being signed in favour of the boycott, with Roger Waters, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Mercury Prize winners Wolf Alice all signing.However, others have opposed the boycott, including Stephen Fry, Rachel Riley, Gene Simmons and Sharon Osbourne, who said the ‘spirit of togetherness’ was under attack.

However, the regular TV broadcast was not affected.

Avoid all travel to the parts of the Golan Heights that border Syria, that is, east of Highway 98, due to increased militant and Israel Defense Forces activity.

This risk level excludes of the urban communities of Buq’ata, Majdal Shams and Mas’ada, where you should exercise a high degree of caution.

Safety and security situation Avoid all travel to areas within 5 km of the border between Israel and Egypt, as the security situation could deteriorate rapidly.

This includes Highway 10 and portions of Highway 12 near the border.

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