Is travis mccoy dating

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Mc Coy was yelling at him and when security pulled the guy over the barrier to remove him, Mc Coy hit the guy with his mic a few times, they had to rope off an area to arrest Mc Coy.

I don't have any sources yet, it's only just been reported on the local alternative radio channel. POKETNRJSH (talk) , 2 July 2008 (UTC) I heard a first hand report that Travis made a comment that seemed to reinforce a certain racial stereotype and that is the reason the guy in the audience yelled what he did. On top of that, it should be noted that this guy had a fro and appeared to be of African American descent himself to some degree.

I wonder how many dozen unsourced "girlfriends" I have reverted.

Please provide a reliable source like a newspaper or magazine article, or a listing at a major recording industry source like Billboard, MTV or VH1.

Bokonon82 (talk) , 17 February 2009 (UTC) Ok, so here's the account from someone there (as opposed to what the radio said): "So some dude was bein a dick in the audience and travis called him an a**hole.

The guy n the audience responded to travis calling him an ignorant n*****.

It needs to be something highly reliable like a major magazine, newspaper, music television (VH1/MTV/etc).

Why does every time Travis is referenced on wikipedia Schleprok or a.k.a. called sonia vacev Is it needed to have two pictures of him?Does he qualify for inclusion in any such categories, or are they only for Americans who are full-negro?If he does qualify, is it for African American rappers, African American singers, or both? Or listen to the actual song, "Like Father, Like Son" off The Quilt Christophersauer (talk) , 13 June 2009 (UTC)Christopher Sauer This is just a question, but wouldn't a song made by Travis be considered a reliable source.just wondering and he has another album that came out before hed candy, it's called brain games, when gym class heroes was still with Sieone in 2001, it has freestyles on there that he later turned into songs, such as Computer chips which was turned into wejustfreestylin pt 1 i have it if it need's to be referenced the only problem is that it's in one file as in it's a just nonstop instead of seperate files Please add, or let me add, information including the title and projected release date of Mc Coy's solo project, titled The Lazarus Project. Here is the source: Gogolthegreat (talk) , 11 December 2009 (UTC)Gogol I was the admin who protected the page. I'll return the protection if the article gets vandalized like it always had been.I decided remove the protection from the article and see what happens. Please be careful and don't violate the biography of living person policy.

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