Is puffy dating jlo

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The relationship allegedly ended after Lopez caught Smart cheating.

But despite his missteps, they appear to have remained cordial.

Lopez later told Us Weekly that she and Judd struggled to maintain their privacy, and that put too much strain on their relationship.

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Lopez hasn’t made too much of a fuss over her first marriage, nor has she revealed many details about why it ended.In 1997, Jennifer Lopez was already on her way to being a huge star when she met Cuban waiter Ojani Noa in Miami.And she proved, even then, that she put love before image, because she married him despite his lack of celebrity status.Their high-profile engagement sent the tabloids into a frenzy in 2003, especially after Affleck called their wedding off just days before the ceremony. But in true J-Lo form, she proved us all wrong — because shortly after, she fell in love with Marc Anthony. They were both superstars in their own right, and seemed committed to starting and raising a family.Though Lopez insists there was a “genuine love” between her and Affleck, Bennifer ultimately couldn’t handle all the pressure associated with their relationship. After marrying in June 2004, the couple had twins in 2008.

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