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well, it was until they broke up 3 months ago :( they said it just couldn't work, what with there busy lives as actors. Dominic Cooper is way too cute to be gay anyhoo, and he and me are destined, so he can't be gay! Look around you am gay married 2 kids YOU HAVE MY ANSWER FFS she is not gay she has a Boyfriend called Dominic Cooper it was first sight love and they are still dating now and anyway she is not the sort to be gay and she isn't okkaii man !! -Okay okay shes not gay Jeez :l and shes not dating him anymore : P There are several saints named Dominic.

Dominic Cooper is Not Gay Loads of Actors get Gay Rumors spread about them and Plus He has a Girlfriend.

Rumours claimed the two stayed until around 3am before returning to the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

Earlier in the evening the pair were photographed together having a meal at Craig's, a popular celebrity restaurant in the Hollywood area.

“She took one look at me and didn’t trust me at all—and told me so herself, which I laughed out loud at.

After Amanda made it clear that we used to, once upon a time, be together, Cher said [to Seyfried], ‘You dodged a bullet there.’ ““She’s so funny. She was kind of just mesmerizing actually; there’s a reason she’s that popular.

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Gemma and Dominic were spotted together in Spain and then later near Dominic’s London home.

The Age of Brexterity is dawning and it needs to be stopped." My weekly newsletter...

Their publicists say it was only the end of the shooting.

Gemma, who co-starred as Astrid Leong-Teo in the popular film Crazy Rich Asians, has since moved on from the comedian.

The British actress is reportedly now dating 40-year-old Dominic Cooper, who also work in the film industry as an actor.

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