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I was giving an interview the other day and the lady was so nice, she was a sweetheart. No one’s gonna start hackling you because Wolverine can literally just (makes gesture of strangling). We don’t want to leave you out of the action, so all night long, Larry Carroll, Benjamin Wagner, Vanessa White Wolf and Jonathan Mussman will be logging on to tell you what’s going on backstage, in the bleachers and on the red carpet on Hollywood’s big night. PT in the Kodak Theatre: The theater is totally reconfigured — basically 13 or so semi circle seating sections in place of the usual orchestra seats. There will be some A-list singers performing on the show. And for the first year I recall, the show will feature men handing out the statuettes. : “Last year, I presented and this year ‘Bolt’ is nominated, so hopefully we’ll win,” Miley Cyrus says.

We were laughing a lot and I said at the end of the interview, ‘I’m really rooting for you.” She went silent. It was fantastic, It was an honor to be up there with those guys. The show producers are Broadway-trained so expect it for overall look and feel. (from Larry Carroll): As Wolfgang Puck and the Price-Waterhouse guys give their obligatory interviews to effervescent red-carpet host, AMC vet Robert Osbourne, four guys with “Applause! Osbourne greets the stars when they hit the carpet and announces their names over a PA system. Then, mentioning that the “Hannah Montana” film hits theaters soon, she says maybe it will be nominated for something at next year’s Oscars. : Danny Glover tells an interviewer, “It’s wonderful that there are so many fine films here at the festival.” Huh? ” (from Larry Carroll): ABC News has a tiny 5×4-ish stage at the corner of the carpet, where their interviewer crams 21 “Slumdog Millionaire” actors around Danny Boyle and Anil Kapoor, the film’s cheesy game-show host.

There are far too many men wearing far too much makeup. : Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens step onto the red carpet. Zac says he’s pulling for “Sean Penn in ‘Milk.’ ” : Taraji P. The “Iron Eagle” star must be slipping; he’s usually the first one here.

Zac seems to have abandoned her somewhere around the three-quarter mark on the carpet.

: My first spotting of a guy in a tuxedo top and kilt, walking in the back “we’re not famous people” lane of the red carpet. : Taraji Henson says she was more nervous when she was at the Oscars to perform the song from “Hustle and Flow” a few years back, because she was afraid to “sing about pimps and whores.” : Heidi Klum and Seal step onto the carpet.

I’m heading inside to the media interview room backstage. This is for them.” Backstage, virtually every question is from the Spanish-language press, and Penelope seems pleased to continue speaking her native language.

: “I’m going to call Woody right now,” Penelope Cruz says of her immediate plans to telephone her director after winning. : Funny moment of the night: During the commercial breaks people stroll around and schmooze, and this time Seth Rogen’s laugh was impersonated by Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard.

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