Invalidating a session in

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However, tracking online users isn't something CBS was designed for.

If I had such a need in a CBS environment, I'd probably arrange for a service that the session-create event handler could post to and that the session-destruction event (e.g.

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So, if a logged in user , has left for lunch or closed the browser , then session timeout will occur in 5 minutes and session Destroyed method of Session Listener will fire , where in you can make a DB-Call to update table back to 0 for this user .

The invalidated person will often leave a conversation feeling confused and full of self-doubt.

The only way I can think of this is with my current solution to keep track of the session and then invalidate it.Session (in)validation is usually a server concept: a session is "valid" as long as the server considers it to be valid, i.e.grants access to whatever data and functionalities are defined to be session-based.What is usually done is: From your question, I suppose that you would like the browser "closure" to act like a logout button.If you can capture a closure event, then that's good. two minutes) and have some Javascript running in the background of the page to do some regular hidden "keep-alive" activity with the server (e.g.

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