Intimidating strike never outnumbered

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The union argues that the paraprofessionals it represents are particularly underpaid.

Nearly a quarter of paraprofessionals make less than ,980 a year and around two-thirds make less than ,510 per year, the federal qualifier for free and reduced-price school lunches, respectively, for a family of four.

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Still, after months of negotiations with Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the powerful teachers’ union may again go on strike in the fall, with the union demanding Lightfoot make good on her promises.There are only 108 school nurses, and most schools have a nurse present only one day per week, according to aproduced by the union as part of the contract negotiations.The National Association of School Nurses recommends one nurse for every 750 students, according to the document, while CPS has one nurse per 2,859 students.The union is also demanding CPS take a stand on larger issues that affect students, parents and educators, by curbing charter school expansion, supporting campaigns for affordable housing policies and officially designating the school system a “sanctuary” for undocumented people.The CTUin contracts this year at a number of charter schools the union represents, after striking at three different charter networks.

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