Intimidating shout wow

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Either way, using corners is hardly an issue and silence range mobs should be a prio of those reta…

Permanent gag order like we had in cata might be asking for to much in todays standard.

However, before you undertake such an option, understand that your currency would be better spent on buying better pieces of gear, rather than buying a second weapon set.

It is really only advised if you can pick up some Pv E one handers of sufficient ilvl.] You need to achieve this one's soft cap (5%) or get as close to it as soon as possible.

This guide will not include basic information on abilities, as anyone that has reached level cap should have learned those already (if you have an instant level 85 character, you should consult a basic guide first).

However, I will attempt to point out some useful Pv P tips, that new players might not even consider or know about.

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