Intimidating shout warrior

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We will present the skill rotation of a Warrior damage dealer as a priority list.

This is not an exact sequence in which abilities should be cast.

Leveling in Wo W Classic is all about the journey and gradual progression of your character.

If you’re not having a fun time on your way to level 60, then you’ll view leveling as a chore.

Then you’ll actually use Whirlwind right after, followed up by Execute if your target is low enough.

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If your target is above 20% health, then your priority becomes to use Overpower upon dodging an attack.

This begins with ensuring you’re picking the right class that suits your personality and desired playstyle, so make sure a close-and-comfy warrior is the right class for you.

On top of making sure you enjoy every moment you spend in Azeroth, you’ll also want to: Taking the time to level professions while you level will slow your progress, but they can significantly improve your quality of life.

Overpower does require you to dodge though, which does make it unreliable to fit into your rotation.

Use it whenever it is available, otherwise use Mortal Strike on cooldown.

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