Intimidating color scheme

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While color combination depends solely on the individual’s personal taste or judgment, there are still basic guidelines you can follow to come up with an artistic and tasteful design.Here are color schemes that create color harmony: Monochromatic scheme – made up of one color in its varying shades, hues and saturation, from darkest to lightest or vice versa.They are made by mixing a secondary and primary color in equal parts.They are named using the primary color first and the secondary color second.

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It would be disastrous for your blog if you’re promoting clean water and the environment with a red logo.

When one color is dominant and the other two are used as accents, it results in a colorful yet balanced design.

Split-complementary – is made up of three colors, two being analogous, and one complementary or opposite the analogous colors in the color wheel.

For you bloggers, knowing the basics of color theory is essential to your website design if you’re serious about growing your blog or increasing awareness for your product.

Ancient beliefs, society and culture have imbued colors with meanings, which have been passed on to contemporary life.

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