Interesting things to talk about when dating

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"Nothing is too menial or insignificant if it matters to you and who you wish to experience it with," La Brune says.

, each person processes love and affection in different ways.

"Learning and exploring new aspects of life builds capacity for teamwork." Besides that, doing new things together builds memories, which you can keep talking about.

As Cordeaux says, you shouldn't rely on your partner to be your source of entertainment. "If you feel that you don't have enough to talk about with your partner, work on diversifying your activities and interests and see what happens," she says.

"I think people put too much pressure on their partners to deliver every single ounce of support and entertainment," Noelle Cordeaux, relationship coach and CEO of JRNI, tells Bustle.

"Humans are [social] creatures and only in recent years has such a hefty social burden gone to the primary relationship. Sometimes that means that there just isn't anything to talk about." In other words, it's not as big of a relationship problem as you probably think.

After all, the key to a good date is relaxed conversation, and the last thing you want is to recreate the beginning of this scene from But whether you're trying to fill an awkward silence or just trying to get to know your date better, we have you covered.Sometimes figuring out your partner's love language and applying it can turn things around.According to Ponaman, getting clear with her partner on their love languages helped them better connect in ways a simple conversation couldn't.So just be sure to keep your questions light, fun, and playful.If you want to keep things fresh, keep talking about your dreams for the future together.

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