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Your dad would probably start trippin and get me pissed I'd have to walk up and bust him in his fuckin lips!It's dinner time, we're hearin' grace from your mother I pull a 40 out and pour some for your little brother I'm standing staring at your sister, I'll tell you this You know for only 13 she got some big tits! (Sharon) Contestant #1, I believe first impressions last forever, So let's say you were to come over to my parents' house And have dinner with me and my family.Let's see, hmm, well I'd have to think about it I might show up in a tux, ha! I'd probably just show up naked like I always do And look your mama in the eye and tell her f**k you!Every enemy offers a significant challenge, and a single backstab can end your game prematurely.Insane Mode also uses permadeath - if you die, any save files from that particular playthrough will become flagged as unplayable, you will not be able to load them and continue.Let's see, hmm, well I'd have to think about it I might show up in a tux, ha! I'd probably just show up naked like I always do And look your mama in the eye and tell her fuck you!

(Host Intro) Let's meet contestant #1 He's a schitzophrenic serial killer clown Who says women love his sexy smile. Tell me what you'd do to make that first impression really stay.

Look, f**k you, I gotta strong rap shit You don't want contestant #2 he's mad whack I walked into a bar, and there he was Standing on a bucket (eeeuuugghhh) tryin ta f**k it It was a big f**king smelly ass farm llama Damn dogg!

That's easy, when you get a posse invite simply click the select button(PS3) Its next to the start button, the select R1 to see the players in the game find the person who sent you the invite by finding a little card next to there name.

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