Inexpensive home updating pitfalls of dating a divorced man

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Check out the 5 things I did to change this bathroom without breaking the bank.

Paint is the easiest and most effective and dramatic way to update bathroom decor without breaking the budget.

If you aren’t interested in a DIY project check out whats available online or in stores.

There are so many inexpensive options out there to choose from.

Believe it or not, I love buying my towels at Walmart, and all the towels in my bathroom images are from Walmart. And with a bunch of kids, primarily boys, it gives me a little peace knowing I don’t have to panic every time they use one or ruin one.

Here are some of my favorite towels: Just like new towels, a new rug can totally transform your bathroom decor.

A gallon of paint can range anywhere from 20-50 dollars depending on the quality of the paint.

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This look is grown up and also fits my homes decor.

Sometimes by adding focus to other parts of the bathroom can take the focus away from the parts that may not be so pretty.

I create this simple peg towel hook rack the same way that I did my new entry peg hat rack.

A quick way to update your home is to give your brick fireplace a makeover.

A dark, out-dated fireplace can be changed into a bright and inviting space with just a coat of paint.

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