Industrial dating

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Industrialization and urbanization prompted a marked change in life and working styles.Many people, especially the young, left the farms to work in factories; this process led to the dissolution of many extended families" (Finneran 1994: 46).In addition to labeling, dating items requires special attention.All foods that require time and temperature control (TCS) should be labeled with the following: The TCS food can be kept for seven days if it is stored at 41°F or lower.

“The industrial revolution spawned great changes in family structure.With the rapid shift away from more localized family-based agrarian or small business enterprises to one that required longer hours, often away from immediate family with work that was not of immediate importance to the family itself, the impact on the early American family cannot be underestimated.Before the onset of the Industrial Revolution in New England and early America, “The household was not only the industrial center but also the social center, for its members derived social satisfaction from working together and from rustic amusements enjoyed at home or on the village green" (Gray 1992: 244).Fundamental changes in the nature of work as well as gender and work accompanied the Industrial Revolution.Moving from self- and family employment to a paid labor force led to the construction of career trajectories based on the (male) breadwinner model" (Hertz 2001: 111).

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