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Demo This demo shows you how to use Java Script API ZChat_Set Product Name method to pass the product key to agent console. If you have specified "Custom User Profile URL" in the "Integration Settings" page, so chat can open the user profile page of your site based on this user key.

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Simultaneously, however, there are immense opportunities for those whose opinions are otherwise restricted or suppressed. And no data is collected except for the messages you send on purpose.”With an underlying protocol that is largely distributed by design, you don’t have to rely on a central hub taking care of your data.

One of the creators of Lukas Tassanyi expressed: “While large companies capitalize on the middleman role within our communication, we are forced to put more and more trust into third parties and become increasingly dependent on them. Due to the Tangle’s inner workings, messages on the Tangle cannot be tampered with.

It allows you to monitor website visitors and initiate proactive chats. A Chat Widget appears as an Image Chat button and it floats in a specified position.

A Chat Widget will re-position itself when visitors scroll up and down your web page.

Normally, you'll need to work with your web developers to use ASP, ASP.

NET, JSP, PHP, Java Script, etc to populate the value of these fields differently for each visitor on your Web site.

This poses certain risks one has to understand before using it.

For this reason the content will be included by search engines.

recently updated the chat service to provide more chat room options and better streaming.

The Ict network provides an experimental Tangle testnet.

So this chat is actually running over a Tangle similar to the IOTA mainnet.

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