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IDRIS ELBA on 'THE REAPING' Contributed by Michael J.Lee , Executive Editor for Radio Free Entertainment March 23, 2007 In the paranormal thriller The Reaping , a pair of scientists, Katherine (Hilary Swank) and Ben (Idris Elba), travel to remote sites where purported miracles have occurred in an effort to explain them scientifically.

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 Make sure yall go pic up her new album in-stores now …

Elba then transitioned into big-screen roles; his most prominent turns included that of Rev.

Frank, a Southern Baptist minister and gospel music hopeful threatened by the arrival of an old friend who challenges his pastoral position, in Rob Hardy 's powerful spiritual drama The Gospel (2005); Augustin Muganza, a Hutu captain grappling with the 1994 Rwandan genocide in the mind-blowing HBO historical drama Sometimes in April (2005); and a scientist and partner of Hilary Swank 's professional debunker of religious myths in Stephen Hopkins ' gothic, biblically themed horror picture The Reaping (2007).

Obsessed is one of those movies that women love to watch in their PJ's on a Sunday afternoon with a pint of ice-cream when nothing else is on *except* for the trashiest piece of trash on TV.

And make no mistake, Obsessed is such trash that it is a 3rd rate ripoff of Fatal Attraction, which many forget was *already* a rip-off on Clint Eastwood's Play Misty for Me. If you can guess everything that the characters will do, or wont due to incompetence, then you're doing well.

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