I hate playing dating games

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If she's not “fine,” she'll actually let you know, and then, she'll tell you why.

Believe it or not, there are women out there who don't expect you to automatically know that A.

For the record, there's nothing "womanly" about being a slow, poisonous nightmare to a guy who spends his time, money and emotional energy on you.

Unfortunately, if you're a guy, you probably know more about the woman who has endless tricks up her sleeve than you cared to know.

But there are plenty of girls out there who do not play games.

Maybe you've met one of these girls, and you really didn't know what do with her because you were just in shock that she didn't ask you trick questions or pretend she wasn't interested in you “just to keep you guessing.”The good news is even though these girls may seem hard to find at times, the girls who refuse to play games with you are out there waiting for someone to appreciate them.

You both deserve better than that, so she won't disrespect you by stooping down to that level.

When an opportunity arises for you to do something fun that doesn't involve her, she won't cross her arms and say that if you go “it's like saying a golf trip is more important than me.” She appreciates the fact that you have personal hobbies and interests, and she even appreciates the fact that you know people you can enjoy them with.

You won't catch her secretly checking your phone or trying to guess the passwords to your social media accounts so she can “catch” you doing something unsavory.If you run quick enough after turning off the light, the monsters can't get you. Step Three: If you see something move in the shadows or anything at all. Don't do anything, just walk past it, if you show them that you are weak and you are scared. You create so much of your own heartache and anxiety by fretting over things you have no bearing seriously, as a dude, this is actually SPOT ON.The advantage is yours really, because you were able to familiarize yourself with the layout while there was light. Step One: Pound your chest and show who's the alfa male in the house. I've been through the same old rigmarole, I would highly advocate being more open and honest from the get-go, so that all of these modern frustrations can become non-factors.Because she knows how this feels and refuses to play games with you, she will NOT put up with it if she picks up on the fact that you've started playing games with her.If she doesn't have time to initiate them, don't fool yourself into thinking she has time to play when you try to mess with her.

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