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The company was able to compete in the market because the two companies had established themselves individually as premium brands.

In the mid 70s, the company decided to move abroad. E a company located in Greece that was manufacturing cooking appliances, and refrigerators.

The company prides itself in producing some of the best cooking appliances such as dishwashers, cooking equipment, freezers, driers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, irons, deep fryers and food processors among other assorted domestic appliances.

More than 75% of the company’s sales are generated happen outside Germany.

The company began originally with three plants all located in West Germany. Their first year revenues were DEM 1 billion which were mainly generated in Germany the home country.

The company focused its marketing activities on Western Europe during its ten years in business.

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The dishwashers that were exported were nearly the same as those that were sold on the German market.Please note: This website does not belong to Bosch or BSH Home Appliances.This domain is privately owned and lists encyclopedia articles about Bosch.So all of my treatments because of research that’s been done on how they affect a foetus.So basically, I have to stop medication for a whole year before I can even try and conceive.

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