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First dates that extend past two hours are not my cuppa tea.

I never “go for drinks” because bars make me so uncomfortable and are too loud and overstimulating.

I have friends who did the date-as-much-as-possible way and found true, lasting love.

I have friends who only went on one or two dates before meeting the love of their life. There’s nothing to say that going on a lot of dates will yield a boyfriend that going on as few dates as possible will yield singleness. And the truth is that dating when you’re a highly sensitive person and an introvert is a vastly different experience.

without being all, “Sry, introvert battery drained. “Oh, I’d love to, but I need to get home and let my dog out.

He’s older, so he can’t go too long between bathroom breaks.” It’s lame, I know, but it’s sometimes the best I can do.

When friends would tell me about their dating experiences, like going out on 3-4 dates in one week with a different guy each time, I would cringe. I felt as if I was dating wrong, as if the only way to find my special person would be to go on as many dates as I possibly could, throwing caution to the wind.

But the truth is that dating is a personal journey and there is no one right way to date.

For me, I much prefer going for dinner as a first date…

I can only handle one date per week, and I need at least a few days notice. It takes a lot out of me to prepare for that first date.

First, there are the messages sent back and forth over a matter of days (or weeks, if I’m talking to someone who is particularly gun-shy), and that alone depletes some of my energy to make small talk and ask all those “initial questions”.

I know exactly how to get there and how long it will take me. I know how the restaurant is set up, the atmosphere, the menu.

It means I don’t have to waste precious energy worrying about driving to the restaurant, how the parking is, what I’ll order, etc.

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