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"After I told him about my worries, he figured that you'd be less likely to run off with your lover if it were a man, instead of woman. So get it in your head, this is the only way it can happen. During dinner, I watched as John let Dave occasionally touch him and caress him, the way men sometimes do when trying to seduce their lady. Rick then released me, saying, "That was very good John! I tried to humiliate you into backing out by tricking you into dressing as Vicky. At least twice more during the night's activities I gave you ample opportunity to back out. "Now," instructed Rick, "Clean out your wife's pussy. Rick and I have some unfinished business to take care of." John climbed back in bed with Dave, and they kissed again, as I climbed on top of Rick and proceeded to screw him.

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If he watches, and gets jealous, will he then not have sex with Dave, causing me to become a cheater.

“Damn him, this makes me so mad,” I thought to myself.

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