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So instead of just a dating app, how about a rating app?It sounds pageant-like, but if someone’s a bad date — at best, nothing like their profile, or, at worst, a danger to the people they’re on dates with — wouldn’t you want to know?Especially if you use the text over and over again, you can save time and improve accuracy.When I "update" title block info, the only thing that updates is the sheet and sheet max.SHEET = SHEET SH_MAX = SHEETMAX have to be included in order for your sheet numbers to update correctly when you do a titleblock update.Here is a snippet; FROM HELP FILES IN AUTODESK Map a title block using the WDT file method Create a mapping for the title block using an external WDT file.When you log into Facebook you're automatically logged into Facebook Chat so you can chat on Facebook.

You can use this to create labels that display properties about your objects, such as the area of a circle or the coordinates (position) of any object.Apparently, she had also matched with him, and they were having more or less the same exact conversation.during the week, and you’re surrounded by 200 versions of the same rooftop-mainstay bro.To do this go to the "Online Friends" tool at the bottom of your Facebook page and see who has a green dot next to their name and who has a moon.A green dot next to someone's name means that they're currently online and you can start a chat with them.

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