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Tinder’s sparse bios are littered with plane and beach emoji. There is no doubt that we take some of our best pictures while traveling, but dating and travel are connected beyond the photo ops.

And, of course, on any app there is the inexplicable-but-always-included skiing photo where four goggle-wearing men pose on a white-capped mountain. People find others who value travel more desirable, despite the fact that vacationing is usually a tangential part of our lives.

Travel photos may be predictable dating profile fodder, but ultimately, everyone wants that euphoric couples vacation.

Many people choose partners in the direction of their own aspirational growth, Bobby says.

Research from Match Group, which owns Tinder, found that 62 percent of men and 74 percent of women want a partner who shares their travel interests.

So even if you’re not well-traveled, there’s a belief that a well-traveled partner can pull you into their beautiful life.

There are also similarities in the ways we romanticize both travel and dating.

Bumble sociologist Jess Carbino says travel photos can indicate where a person lands on this spectrum.

“Travel for many is a signal of cultural capital,” she says.

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