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My first shot sprayed my hot, sticky seed on her left tit. I finished by dripping the rest right between her full breasts. Here was my hot, sexy, and incredibly horny wife covering herself with my cum. Her breasts, her nipples glistening with my sticky seed. I noticed a bit dripping down her shoulder, over her neck and into her hair.

This had to be one of the sexiest, dirtiest things I had ever seen her do, and I was so turned on by it.

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We kissed passionately, her arms around my neck and my hands running over her ass, hips and making their way to her breasts. I look down slightly, and I notice she has one hand inside her sweater, down the front of her tank and she is rubbing her breast. I quickly adjusted the rear view mirror so I could look up and watch her. She rubbed me through my jeans, and then started to reach inside for the dick she had been wanting for hours. I quickly reached down, and with one hand I undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans to free my aching cock. I had to do all I could to keep myself from cumming. "We should have about an hour before she's hungry," I said. But that didn't stop us from enjoying each other in other ways.We continue to kiss, until we hear our 4 year old coming up the stairs. We arrived, made our way inside and we're almost immediately seated, as they weren't crowded. My wife and I enjoyed our dinners, our four year old are as well as can be expected, and our newborn slept in her carrier. I stepped closer, and brought my cock straight to her mouth. She bobbed her had back and forth, licking my shaft from base to tip.I change my shirt, my wife grabbed herself a sweater, and we made our way out the door. Apparently my wife was still just as horny as she was earlier. She started looking at me with a slight smile on her face. She wanted my cock so badly, and was willing to take it anyway she could.what a meet fantastic blowjob amazing tight pussy she moans and moans ..... and she’s very easy to get on with :) Meet again soon please x *uzzifun (56), Couple on 23 August 2019 by Webcam: Have seen this sexy couple lots of times on cam always lots of naughty fun good to see you back *evilindisguise999 (28), Man on 23 August 2019 by Webcam: Where to start many fun times with mrs love the way she moans and that ass x*hriscum1 (37), Man on 23 August 2019 by Meeting in person: Know this great couple a long time, both are very good friends, u won't be disappointed with meeting them, they are very genuine and trustworthy, get at them, thanks both xx Only showing first 20 friends Nice size (46), Mana (39), Man John (41) & Ellie (39), Coupleallan (46), Mantommy95x (22), Man D (28), Man Blue (59), Man Josh (23), Man Mark (42), Manm (39), Man M (41) & D (51), Couple Philip (64), Man Naughty Fun (51), Man M (27), Man Red (31), Man Z (33), Manc (37), Manmrs H (56) & mr H (56), Couplem J (38), Manveryveri (39), Man Free to use, not just free to join.

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