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For some, the most flagrant symbol of defiance came from showing one’s face.

The Hong Kong authorities are responding by tracking the protesters in the digital places where they plan their moves, suggesting they are taking cues from the ways China polices the internet.On Wednesday, several protesters shouted at bystanders taking photos and selfies, asking those who were not wearing press passes to take pictures only of people wearing masks.Later, a scuffle broke out between protesters and bystanders who were taking photos on a bridge over the main protest area.At first he refused, but when they threatened to use a device to break into his Xiaomi 6 smartphone, he relented and entered the password. The officers searched his apartment, where he lives with his parents, but backed down after the parents complained that they were searching through things that were not his, he said.The police officers implied that they had found him based on his phone number, which was linked to his identification. Ip was arrested, groups distributed warnings to use new pay-as-you-go SIM cards or register foreign numbers online to join groups.

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