Hlstatsx stats not updating

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Solution: We need to think about new CSGO/TF2 monetization methods. is at the moment a test version and can be changed at any period so be aware please.If you find any bugs/issues contact me, reward might be given if useful information.2016-10-12 : - CONFIG: I have found the following server configs in database: 2016-10-12 : - S_CONFIG: 2016-10-12 : - ERROR: Geo IP method set to binary file lookup but .//Geo Lite City/Geo Lite NOT FOUND 2016-10-12 : - HLSTATSX: Insert new server trend timestamp 2016-10-12 : - HLSTATSX: No data since 120 seconds 2016-10-12 : - SERVER: Connecting to rcon on ... As you might know, communities that are running HLstats X Premium are also able to participate in the global ranking of HLstats X, which basically collects statistics from ALL HLstats X Premium official gameservers and put’s all players together in one spot. After a long period of inactivity Banana and the hlstats-community ended the development of HLStats. This will halt any further development and ends at version 1.65.

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We are returning with a new UGC contest, in which one UGC staff is available for each team, with a total of four.

OK Return to Administration Center 2016-10-12 : - PROXY, Reload request from 2016-10-12 : - CONTROL: Command received: RELOAD 2016-10-12 : - CONTROL: Sent 29 bytes to frontend at '' 2016-10-12 : - CONTROL: Re-Reading Configuration by request from Frontend...

2016-10-12 : - CONFIG: Reading database config...

HLStats consists of a Perl script (the HLStats logging daemon) and a set of PHP scripts (which generate the statistics Web pages).

The complete releases and the complete sourcecode can be downloaded from here and will stay here as long as possible.

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