Highly sensitive soul dating

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Therefore, these tips are here to be of benefit for the three personality types: This might seem like the most obvious tip to begin with, but quite often when under duress, we forget that simple breathing exercises can help dramatically.

Whenever a situation feels like it’s too much, or even better, it gets to be too much, stop everything, stay still for a moment and focus on nothing but gentle breathing.

Often, a small amount of time alone to just rebalance can be all that is required, however, if the situation becomes too intense to bear, excuse the departure and leave immediately.

Finding a peaceful spot with nature, reading a book, meditating or listening to music can be all that it takes to recharge and harmonize.

By practicing a simple visualizing exercise we can strengthen this layer so that we are far less likely to absorb any toxic energies along with other unwanted emotions.

Auras are energy fields that change color depending on the state of the physical body and mind.

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If at home, try to create a sacred space that is comfortable and calming, so that solitude can be honored, energy levels balanced and emotions returned to normal as quickly as possible.

Whether with friends, a loved one, family members or colleagues, there will come a period when we will require some time out.

When solitude calls, it is best not to worry too much about offending other people, as our own emotional needs and health should be prioritized first.

When this layer is in place, it will reduce the chances of outside energies affecting our own.

Protective shields can be visualized at any time, anywhere.

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