Hermaphrodite girls

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A hermaphrodite possesses male and female reproductive organs.In porn, this means a person with a penis and a vagina performing in sex scenes.

At a week old, I had been placed in a shoebox and left on the steps of a convent in the UK.

I missed the convent but, in time, I came to love my new parents. There, surgeons performed an operation to remove my testicles. The memory of the operation and my life in Singapore began to fade and I made friends at school, but at times I felt very lonely. We piled into a room where there were some exhibits in jars, and one contained male and female genitals taken from a hermaphrodite. The fact that I’d started my periods was proof that I was female, but he said that even though the outward signs of masculinity had been removed, chances were that the doctor in Singapore had been right – male hormones in my body meant I’d probably never have children. I never told him that I’d been born a hermaphrodite because I was frightened that he’d be disgusted. I made sure it was in the dark because I had scars from my operation.

I can’t remember how or when it happened as I was very young, but soon after I arrived in Singapore, I saw another naked person for the first time. I was frightened and it was painful, but I trusted my parents. When the doctor said, in front of my parents and me, that it was unlikely I’d ever be able to have children, I didn’t realise the significance. He left barely any money and I was eventually sent back to the UK. I remembered that I had looked like that before my operation. I didn’t use birth control because I didn’t think I could get pregnant but, after a couple of months, I found I was expecting twins.

She said: “We'd been wanting to get a pug for a long time.

“Originally we wanted a light coloured boy, but instead we chose a black girl in the end.” But by November they began to notice a growth near her genitals.

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