Half life 2 nocd updating steam

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When I try to install this patch, it shows the error: "You do not have enough free disk space on the drive you are attempting to install to.

All available updates should be downloaded and installed by all users directly through Steam.If you want to learn more about the Source SDK, read the Valve SDK Documentation, and discuss your issues on the Source SDK Forums if necessary.If you're only interested in downloading and playing official and user-made mods for Half Life 2 and Source Engine games then try the following mods and mod sites: Half Life 2: Lost Coast Garry's Mod Golden Eye Source Cinematic Mod Wikipedia HL2 Mod List Half Life 2 Files Half Life 2 Mod Database HL2 Top 100 Mods Black Mesa Source Steam Steam is an innovation of Valve's, designed for online software delivery, automatic updates, game authentication and community involvement.This version will not work on any other type of system, and contains no new content.It simply takes advantage of 64-bit systems to improve performance.

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