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There was a time when you'd have to go out to the clubs to pick someone up or go to one of those Supermarket singles days.

The internet must now surely be the best way to organise and hook-up for casual sex?

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Includes Helmet, Pleather Bodysuit, Chest & Shin armour, electronic chest box, electronic belt boxes, pleather crotch guard, cotton robe, cotton floor-length cape, voice modulator speaker. The helmet lenses have been replaced with high quality lens, specifically engineered for this helmet (pictured).

We pride ourselves in our before and after sales service as customer care has been a key reason for our continued success.

All our vehicles are mainly sourced from well respected companies up and down the country.

This 2016 model is the current shape with the up graded front suspension they genuinely handle better than the previous model.

This bike is kitted out with oggy knobs crash protection, rear race stand pick up spools, adjustable levers, two brothers slip on exhaust so it makes all the right sounds.

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