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He basically flips it on you and somehow you are feeling bad for what you do or have done to him.

When you get into arguments, he makes his behavior your fault.

In order to get what he wants, he attempts to convince you that what you want to do is wrong or not up to par with his unreasonable standards.

At least once a week, he makes you feel as though you're not as good of a partner as he is and spends way too much time trying to persuade both you and himself that he's "above" you.

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For example, if you tell him that you don't want to stay in and watch movies on a Friday night, he might say things like, "well, my ex and I used to stay in and watch movies and we always had a blast," or "my ex used to make compromises when she knew I was tired from a long week of work even if she didn't want to." He endlessly tries to make you feel guilty for not doing what he wants to do by comparing you to people that "always" did what he wanted to do.If he insults you, he will say he only insulted you because you insulted him first.If he breaks up with you in the heat of the moment, he will not apologize.Whenever you get in fights, he always acts as though he'd never hurt you the way that you hurt him and makes you into some sort of monster that you're clearly not.He never does anything unconditionally and expects you to do everything unconditionally. He's the kind of person who'll do housework just so he can rub in your face that he "puts in more work than you do" when it comes to tending to your home.

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