Group dinner dating

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The majority of our users describes themselves as rather communicative, interested in art, comfortable around strangers, taking care of others before taking care of themselves and relaxed most of the time.When asked who they want as their dinner date given the choice of anyone in the world, 5% want to have dinner with both or one of the Obamas.

Ashamed by setting up a date and canceling last minute because you are exhausted from work and have been on several dates this week already?In 2014, together with her friend Katharina, she decided to take luck in love into their own hands and started organizing group dinner dates for themselves and their friends in Berlin’s best restaurants: Sauvage, Katz Orange and Clärchens Ballhaus.The events were very popular and word of mouth spread quickly – they even had to remind some friends that they could not attend while they were in a committed relationship.As an early adopter of dating apps, she tried dating via Ok Cupid, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge and Happn.While she met mostly interesting men, she did not enjoy the online dating experience of uploading selfies and sexy pictures, swiping and engaging in the same getting to know each other conversation over and over.

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