Greco serial dating

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However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience.Greco is one of the pioneers of these lawsuit guitar makers.

These were regarded as attractive and well-made guitars.

But by 1974 or so, their standard of making these copies escalated as they acquired correctly styled hardware. In no time, Greco made more clone models of original Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Zemaiti, lbanez, (and other brands) than all other Japanese company combined.

In terms of quality, skill and knowledge, they beat Tokai to the lawsuit race by at least 5 years.

To the right and below, you will find some images that will hopefully help you to locate the complete serial number on your instrument.

Please be aware that some instruments manufactured in the late '50s cannot be interpreted by this decoder.

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