Greatest online dating profile ever

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These days, the majority of average singletons use some sort of dating site to facilitate socialising in an increasingly connected world.Online dating is a great way to meet a potential partner, but it's also a great way to meet up with some strange people.He through a massive tantrum without giving her a chance to explain her lack of response. You like the look of their profile photo, you swipe right. One guy decided to take things a step further, and instead of a photo of his face, he posted a photo of his bank account.Of course, while this is a reasonable sum of money, you may notice that this is a business account, not a personal bank account.You have one chance and one chance only to impress a future date, and posting a photo with two other girls chained up in your basement isn't likely going to attract the type of attention you're looking for.

It's a good way to avoid awkward moments or even, at worst, some seriously dangerous encounters.

Think about the message it sends to potential dates.

It doesn't make you look like a winner, that's for sure.

I can see you rolling your eyes as you read through his list of requirements for a woman – and then you get to the end and totally laughed out loud, didn't you?

Is it any wonder this man remained inexperienced, with such a lengthy list of requirements for a partner?

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