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In that retrospect, your child made that decision to view that content, and is not at the fault of the server owner or Discord itself, because quoting Teamspeak- "This is Teamspeak, not Spyspeak".

In conclusion, I highly recommend it from a parental standard, and from a friend standard. Someone began talking to her and told her he was 37, and had been in jail for selling pot. We set up a server for my 13 year old and let her friends join and everything is going great THIS IS NOT A BAD APPFirst of all, and for those of you who are worried about your child getting 'added' to groups, that is not possible without their consent as discord uses 'invite links' sent through direct messages.

When our 19 year old came home from college, we checked the phone as we do with those that live in our house. we were horrified to see the different groups and the beyond mature content - language, graphics, etc.....

Also people can message each other and it doesn't pop on the screen like a text does so it is used to have "hidden" conversations.

For your child to have joined a server based around sensitive topics you don't really want them to be around, they would have had to have looked one up and made that conscious decision to join it.

I know you may want to think that your child is sweet and innocent and weren't put up to it voluntarily, but that's quite frankly not true from someone whose been using the app for over a year now.

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