Grand theft auto dating carmen

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A/N: I'm dating Kiki in the game..I've realized how FREAKIN' ANNOYING SHE IS. I bet your whores like them...""Do you say the same shit to your whores, too? ""I guess you can come over, once you finished up making love with all your whores..."Niko Bellic just couldn't take it anymore. Disclaimer: I do not own the Grand Theft Auto series.

The goal is to rank gaming channels into various categories, provide statistics, and help in the discovery of new and upcoming talent. At this point, the only woman I want to be with is you, Kiki.I've sworn off strip clubs and prostitutes for good so I can remain faithful to you.He lowered his hands to his sides, and let out a heavy sigh."I'm... A few minutes passed before Kiki finally decided to speak again."This is a nice car, new?"Niko had stolen it out of a parking lot a few blocks back. You could say that," he replied, shrugging."Do your whores like it?

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