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Surely, flowers don’t smell sweeter and chocolates tastier online, Rosa said.However, at one click of a mouse or a swipe of a screen, messages of love remain appreciated, she added.When her female friends asked her over dinner how she met her beau, Claire pointed on a mobile-phone’s screen. Claire’s beau, Dave, isn’t also a friend of a friend. When touchscreens entered the fray, all things were “swipeable”—even partners.Claire and Dave are also members of a generation that has added a new synonym for sexual interaction: hook up.“I have tried using Tinder for fun but all I got was malicious messages and people asking to have sex,” Sheryl, a banker, used to be on Tinder for a month.Old times FOR Rosa Luna (not her real name), today’s dating was far, far different during her time.After days of conversing online with Carlo, her current beau, Jane said she began to regard him as a friend.Upon realizing they share the same interest, the couple decided to meet. We decided to have our first meeting on a mountain-climbing experience,” Jane said.

“It’s not that it is embarrassing at all, it’s just that I avoid hearing negative opinions from people around me about my use of a dating application,” Chai Cruz (note her real name) said.Also, men are required to get permission from the woman’s parents if they could go out and date.And usually, it’s only during the day, not in the evenings, Rosa added. Usually, a man gives a bouquet of roses, which will push their budget back today at a minimum of P500.Some also said they use a dating application for hook ups, to kill time and quash boredom.Claire said before meeting Dave, she wasn’t in Tinder for something serious.

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