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That’s insanely romantic and definitely meaningful. [Read: How to show someone you love them without using words] #2 It’s almost effortless appreciation.

Every person needs to show appreciation for their significant other.

[Read: 20 reasons why a good morning text is so important in a relationship] #1 Good morning :).

Everyone knows just how sweet a good morning text can be.

Viewers loved Piers' insult and flocked to social media to gush about their "hero".

"Oh my god Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain calling that man a d*** has just made my day," said one viewer.

But hey, we all need a little inspiration sometimes. If your man isn’t a morning person, these texts may just change his mind about getting up early.

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That way you add in your own sass, experiences, and inside jokes. #4 Good morning, baby, I hope you had a perfect sleep! But Piers wasn't impressed with Richard's viewers and took him to task.He said: "You've got no respect for English women, you have zero respect for English women, you're a repulsive individual." "I think you are right to seek your future in Russia because your chances of getting sex in this country is zero," Piers added as he ended the segment.There are countless memes on the Internet depicting just how much those texts can mean to someone.But why is it that something so ordinary and expected can mean so much? There shouldn’t really be any reason for a good morning text to make someone smile the way it does.

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