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but if you are talking about in the future (seven year age difference, as well as my parents), then yeah, maybe. for instance, paul wesley (the vampire diaries star) is dating phoebe tonkin (the other vampire diaries star) and they are about seven years apart, paul being older.

Justin Bieber isn’t going to have any more girlfriends; he’s going to have A WIFE.

i think that we should all met him and c if thats the rrall guy we falling 4 We wouldn't EXACTLY know cuz we're not him.i'd say mabye yes..he loves her and she loves him...(not for his fame, for him).... and he enjoys to be around her..then but a will is forever :) My personal opinion is that I think Justin Bieber would date a girl who was 13 years old, simply because it is only a few years and trust me I am pretty confident that people wouldn't think it is wrong because my friend is 13 and she is dating someone who is 16 and no one seems to mind and there are a lot others I know that date girls who are younger.

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i mean he sings great and have an amazing sense of humor but dont drwoll over him he is a boy.Biebs’ engagement to Hailey Baldwin means the end to his career as a blond heartbreaker (and the end of the line for any #Jelena shippers). To celebrate — or mourn — his upcoming marital status, let’s look back below on the girlfriends and song inspirations that got us here. ” They’ve been bopping around the country and were spotted canoodling in Seattle and Georgia. Biebs met the family in July, but they haven’t set a day for the wedding yet, so stay tuned!

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