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The only places open all day and night are massage parlours.Taizhilian Spa is located on Minquan East Road between an appliance and bedding store.When you leave the sauna you put a robe on and relax in a lounge where you can have a drink or something to eat.It is then when you decide whether you have just come for a spa/sauna or something more.Girls will then appear at your front door, one after the other, until you select the one you want. 75 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. The Taizhilian Spa is known in English under an extensive variety of alternative names including 75 Massage and Blue Minquan Massage.Some people claim that it is difficult to find but it can be easily be found along a road as the shop has signs out the front.Most sex workers have moved underground or work with fake shop fronts that advertise the exchange of services for money. There are also other erotic Thai massage parlours in the surrounding area like Thai Happiness.Although there are acouple of Non Designated Red Light District Locations which can be found in Taiwan that include: Taichung Address: No. The Thai Leisurely Life is definitely not hard to find, as it is found on the Minquan East Road which many people travel through.

Caption: Photo: Temple Of Xingitan When customers walk in they will find a front counter and a sofa.A two hour oil back rubs are 1500 New Taiwan Dollars which is USD which is an excellent and affordable price. They are not experienced in providing Thai massage but they can give you a good quality massage. It can easily be found just opposite the Landis Hotel. There is an old advertisement outside which says you can get a 2 hour service which is not actually available. Some of their services include a Thai back rub at 1000 New Taiwan Dollars which is USD and an Oil Massage for 1500 New Taiwan Dollars which is USD.If you are after something with additional features, it is a good idea to choose the Oil Massage and add on top of that the other services you would like.337 Nanjing East Road Section 3, 15F, Songshan District, Taipei. To get to the sauna you can go into the shopping centre from the Nanjing East and Dunhua North entryand find an elevator which will take you up to the floor.You will pass a lot of different shops on your way there so it is a good idea, to have a look around and explore.

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