Gemini man dating aquarius woman dating websites are depressing

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He's a mess with lots ofpast Issues that he can not let go.He would blow like stuff out of contentwhich made the relationship stressful.The only problem Is that neither of us Is emotional, and we both value ourindependence. But I don't think we ever compromised or gave up personal space to accommodate eachother.During our entire relationship I felt like we were In our "comfort" zone, but wedidn't really grow as people. In the end I felt we were compatible rather than passionate.

what's his deal I think I should just tell him that Im done with his game, I have better things to do to Invest with my time than to waste It on a Immature guy that's too gutless to tell me he's no longer Interestedthan being passive wuss about It..In many, If not most ways, he and I were very good for each other.Never have Iconnected with someone on such an Intellectual level, yet he also understood myneed for space and let me keep my secrets.I love beingwith him every minute of my life and when I am not, I constantly think of him.We been dating for 2.5 years but It feels like 5 years because we have such astrong connection.

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