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The company was started back in 1851 by the Kaufman brothers from Germany, in the Bowery section of New York City in the form of a small shop, whose backroom served as the craft room where they created all of their pipes.The business soon branched out to the golden coast during the big gold rush, as the businessmen involved took a large supply of Kaywoodie Pipes all the way to California which he sold along the way of his trip.The early Kaywoodie pipes were called Drinkless Kaywoodies which had push-bit stems initially, but the design was revised to include a synchronized stem later to provide a better smoking experience.This included the threaded Drinkless screw-in mouthpiece for the pipes, which was unique for its generation.After reading Steve Laug of Reborn Pipes, Charles Lemon of Dad’s Pipes and Al Jones and Greg Wolford and those that have written and published their restoration techniques and processes, I have gained the confidence to take on more adventurous projects.If I missed your name in my listing please do not take it personally, I am grateful for all the information I have been able to glean and hate to leave anyone out. Have a Happy New Year All, and Thanks for reading my blatherings!Named after its founders, Ganneval, Bondier & Donninger (two Frenchmen and an Austrian, respectively), their initial offerings concerned only Meerschaum pipes.

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The origin of the name Kaywoodie has been derived from the K in Kaufman, and wood after the briar wood which is used to create the pipes.It smokes extremely well, although the bent shape is prone to gurgling if you’re a wet smoker (I’m in recovery). What a pleasure it is to hold, and behold, and to smoke.Further, the thin chamber walls get hot quickly, so a slow cadence is the preferred here. In fact, I had to know more about it (why the hell did Smoking mention it was “pre-1980”?2 GBD Pipes are two GBD pipes in very good condition. Pipe #1 GBD Speciale- this pipe has a unique oval bowl and a dark stained finish. The stem is in desperate need of a buffing, but the shield on the saddle stem is in perfect order. It has been professionally cleaned and is ready to smoke. Pipe #2 Country Club (which I understand was a second line by GBD)- This pipe appears to be unsmoked.

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