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Randy Boehning republicans America, meet your newest closet case anti-gay Republican lawmaker!

He's a North Dakota state representative, and he is not in the closet anymore, due to the fact that he's been outed for voting against SB 2279, a routine bill designed to protect gays and lesbians, among others, from discrimination (which failed, for the third time).

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I will hear “Calm Down” at pool parties this summer, and I will sing along. But attempting to write a gay anthem in 2019 reeks of sweat and substandard self-awareness.

The classics of the past— your “I Will Survive,” your “It’s Raining Men,” your “Pull Up To The Bumper”— they gave us our gayness indirectly.

Life in cities or remote parts of the country leaves very little room for personal life.To start dating Fargo singles just take few steps forward: sign up, add photos and send messages to people in your area!No tedious registration process, no long questionnaires. Between “Calm Down,” Katy Perry's “Never Really Over,” and the whole new Carly Rae Jepsen album, the 2019 pop sound palette seems to be “the Fletch soundtrack,” and I am all the way here for it. It is a thrilling and still somewhat new experience to be part of the textual narrative in pop music, and I am delighted for the young queer kid who’s hearing the song and feeling seen, supported and nourished for the first time. And the song has already lodged itself in my frontal lobe and kicked both of those new Bon Iver songs out of their seats.

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