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If a network rejects Focus on the Family's ad, what does that mean?

Tom Krattenmaker, an author whose recent book "Onward Christian Athletes" chronicles the immersion of religion into sports, suggested one real concern that CBS may have feared beyond any notion of gauging the nation's appetite for the gay dating ad.

And then running a gay dating ad during the same broadcast?

In a statement, CBS said its standards and practice process "ensures all ads -- on all sides of an issue -- are appropriate for air," and that it would "continue to consider responsibly produced ads from all groups for the few remaining spots in Super Bowl XLIV." Of course, it's sheer hypocrisy for CBS to pretend a humorous commercial in which two men watching the game on the couch accidentally brush hands, lock eyes and then start kissing for eight whole seconds while a companion looks away awkwardly (the ad is already all over You Tube), is too racy for the usual highbrow lineup of Super Bowl ads.

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The thought of risking the buying power of the Focus on the Family followers could be too terrifying to contemplate.

This is something of a time-honored practice in sports -- particularly in football, particularly in the South, where prayers are said before kickoff in jam-packed stadiums.

One of Tebow's predecessors at Florida, Danny Wuerffel, is also famous for blending Christianity and football, offering up slant passes and sermons.

"They probably had to contemplate the reaction they would get if they rejected Focus on the Family," Krattenmaker said.

"Maybe Focus on the Family would then put out some publicity bashing CBS." The Colorado-based organization has already shown it's willing to try to do financial harm to companies it doesn't like, companies who dare to support things like civil rights for gay and lesbians.

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