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read more The Sims Life Stories is a wonderful series of Life-Simulation games that follows the same Sims aesthetics that you have experienced before.

Being a great Dating and Life-Simulation and Virtual World MMORPG it allows you to create and customize your own Sim, build your home, decorate it the way you like, find a job, find and meet your love, start a family, raise children, pet animals and take good care of them by providing them with all the necessities and luxuries.

We have compiled a list which includes virtual worlds, e.g. Right, the list of the top 10 virtual reality games is: Plus there is the option to turn a computer game into a virtual reality experience merely by adding a pair ofvirtual reality glasses.

An example of this is the online multiplayer game ‘Unreal Tournament’ where a player can become immersed in the action.

The most popular VR games are those with sports, role playing (RPG) and war themes.

That’s not to say that these games aren’t enjoyed by kids as many of them do so.

Stardoll is a Paid and Free Online Browser-based game based on Paper Doll concept.

Stardoll is a free to play online Virtual World Simulation that mainly focuses on girls of age 7 or above and lets them join the game world, customize their own online avatar with the help of all the given choices such as cloths, accessories and gadgets and go explore the game world in order to get fa,miliar with it, interact with other online players, make new friends and play games together.

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This article looks at the top ten virtual reality games.The social network of the game lets you to make your profiles, share media, comment, like or dislike and microblog about the things of interests.Meez is a wonderful platform for all the party and hang out lovers out there.It lets the player create his virtual family, design his own house, decorate it with lots of accessories and decorations and explore different personalities.Onverse is a 3D online Social Network and Virtual World and MMO, RPG Simulation created by Onverse, LLC for PC and Mac users.

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