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The funds in his account were immediately frozen, and his listings were shut down.Getting his store back would take him on a surreal weeks-long journey through Amazon’s bureaucracy, one that began with the click of a button at the bottom of his suspension message that read “appeal decision.” When you buy something on Amazon, the odds are, you aren’t buying it from Amazon at all.The scope would normally get a single review a day, and many of these referred to a different scope, as if they’d been cut and pasted from elsewhere.“I didn’t know what was going on, whether it was a glitch or whether somebody was trying to mess with us,” Plansky says.Amazon’s judgment is swifter and less predictable, and now that the company controls nearly half of the online retail market in the US, its rulings can instantly determine the success or failure of your business, he says.

Sellers are more worried about a case being opened on Amazon than in actual court, says Dave Bryant, an Amazon seller and blogger.

GE will never ask for payment to process documents, refer you to a third party to process applications or visas, or ask you to pay costs.

Never send money to anyone suggesting they can provide employment with GE.

GE takes this matter seriously, and is working closely with the appropriate authorities to effectively address the issue.

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam offering fictitious job opportunities.

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