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In general, cosmetic surgery cost would vary from patient to patient.

It depends on their conditions, demands, and type of treatment technique chosen along with the surgical expertise of the surgeon.

A hair loss treatment is one such cosmetic surgery.

A hair transplant surgery cost would vary for each patient according to the following. Levels 1 and 2 refer to the least amount of hair loss happening along the forehead hairline. Baldness above these levels will cost more based on the grafts.

I know what you mean - it took me ages to settle here and for the first 6 months or so I really wasn't sure if I wanted to stay, but I love it now and don't really want to move. We got here in October and not at all settled really. Kerry Toby - Sept 05, Emmie - June 07, Noah - Feb 09 is on course at moment for 5weeks in UK (lucky thing!

We are in Paderborn so notquite close - I love it here tho not the regiment.

Also find it hard to makefriends as we are REME and find some regiment wives dont want to talk to if you arent in the regiment.

He was there last year too but it seems harder to bear whilst in Germany. He hasn't a clue what they are saying but he enjoys it.

I take my youngest two to the music class on camp but that's it, I'd like to find something local to take them to.

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