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I feel the edge of hys bed buckle my knees and find myself lightly bouncing on the firm mattress. I feel the heat of Mic's body close to mine, hys scent becoming stronger, the fabric of hys shirt brushing against the nakedness of my legs. We kiss deeply again, I can still taste the hint of myself on hys lips.

I walk slowly trying very hard not to trip, and concentrating on keeping my knees strong even though I can feel the tension radiate through me. Trying to swallow past this incredible lump of nerves. Mic takes both hands and guides me to face hym, then pushes me back slowly. The rush of cold air floods over that newly exposed flesh. Hys hands grab tightly to my hips and pull them to the edge of the bed, thighs pushed further apart. I hold my breath trying desperately to make sure he is still in the room, to listen for the shuffle of hys feet. Mouth gapped open for breath is suddenly filled with hys tongue, lips seizing my own.

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