Free online chat robots

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Mondly is a language learning solution with a web version and a mobile app.Their program comes with chatbots that you can communicate with in writing or by speaking into your phone/computer.When you chat with this kind of robot, the topics are highly relevant to specific fields: it could be a hobby of yours or a task you need to do.Besides, these assistants know a lot about their fields.

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In this post, we’ll cover two basic types of robots you can practice English with.

You can pick the one you like the most, or go off-script and give your own answer by saying it or typing it into the chat window.

When the chatbot fails to understand what you say, it’ll ask you to repeat.

With chat robots, you can practice English every day without judgement and without depending on someone else’s schedule.

But did you know that if you’re learning English, robots are already here and ready to help?

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