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“Just as a flaccid penis is very different than an erect penis, the vaginal canal is a different organ when you’re intensely aroused," Brizendine explains. “Those in which both partners are content with near to no sex and, much more common, those in which one partner is very worried about it and the other is not.” If you fall into the concerned camp, she advocates the “Just Do It” approach.

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Kerner’s book is designed to boost a guy’s “sexual clitoracy.” “Most guys are utterly i-clitorate,” says Kerner, a New York City-based sex therapist. You’re working muscles to make them taut, in this case the muscles of your pelvic floor, including your vagina.

"There are clinics in France for this express purpose—what they call a reeducation perineale,” says Brizendine.

She recommends trying some lube—the slippery feeling alone will make you more turned on, which could boost natural lubrication.

She suggests a water-based or glycerin lubricant—and a visit to A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center at Sexuality The report was in the May 2012 issue of the  Journal of Sexual Medicine, where Adam Ostrzenski, MD, a semi-retired Florida-based gynecologist, claimed to have pinpointed the G-spot’s locale by dissecting the body of a deceased 83-year-old.

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